Industry Advisory Committee

Our IT advisory committee serves as a critical link between academia and industry, ensuring that our IT programs remains relevant, practical, and forward-looking. These factors help to enhance the employability and success of our graduates.

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Name Industry Employment
Jarod Dendiger Applied Connective
Tim Pinkelman CharterWest Bank
Dwight Brabec City of Norfolk Nebraska
Brad Andersen City of Norfolk Nebraska
Rick Colwell Continental Tech
Terry Kahland Continental Tech
Ron Pilcher Crete Carrier
Tony Olson D2 Worldwide, LLC
Steven Groetken Daycos
Ryan DeVall Duncan Aviation
Brian Sterud Faith Regional Health Services
Rich Meester Fareway Food Stores
Al Aymar FiberComm, Inc
Pam Coenen Great West Casualty
Brandi Kluender Great West Casualty Company
Trevor Doyle Midwest Bank
Matthew Arens Norfolk High School
Jason King Norfolk Iron & Metal
Andrew Nilges North Sioux City Economic Development Director
Todd Dickey Power Sports Nation
Dan Spray Precision IT
James Precision IT
Tim Peters RTI Industries
Drew Stansberry Tech Coordinator for SSC Schools
Dan Feenstra Technology/Communications Director, City of South Sioux City
John Mandel Vulcraft
Mike Lewis Werner Enterprises
Tim Miller West Point Hospital